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Real Estate Agent, Citi Habitats

I had been experiencing pain in my hands, wrists, and forearms that was diagnosed by a specialist as tendinitis. Though the pain had started as a minor annoyance, it quickly escalated to the point where I could no longer do my work, which involves many hours each day at a computer and considerable amounts of data entry. At one point, I had taken 5 straight days away from work. As a classically-trained percussionist as well, it was vital that I find a way to stop the pain and fix the problem so that I could continue working and that my playing remain unaffected. The 3 sessions I had with you [Edna Golandsky, Healthy Typing Inc. Founder] changed all of that. You determined that the problems consisted of positioning and movement, exacerbated by the presence of wrist supports. After adjusting my keyboard position and working at applying the principles of proper finger, hand, wrist, and arm movement that you showed me, the pain has decreased steadily and dramatically and I have been able to resume working full-time. I can’t thank you enough!