Healthy Typing is a consulting service developed to help individuals and corporations relieve the pain, injury and economic damage that incorrect keyboard habits produce. Healthy Typing was founded by Edna Golandsky, an established pianist and pedagogue with more than forty years of experience treating and curing repetitive strain injuries. 

For decades Edna has been working with advanced and professional pianists to eliminate the ever-present fatigue, tension and pain caused by incorrect hand and arm positions and movements at the piano keyboard.  Pianists spend four, six or even more hours a day working on a keyboard that is far more massive than a computer keyboard. The piano repertoire that they study requires movements that are far more rapid, precise and forceful than a computer keyboard requires. For these pianists, incorrect hand positions and movements may mean the difference between a successful career and having to give up the piano completely.

For computer users, the problems are no less grave.  Although the computer keyboard is smaller and lighter than the piano keyboard, the basic positions and movements at both keyboards are identical. As a result, incorrect positions and movements at the computer keyboard can lead to injuries that are just as serious as those suffered by professional pianists, and the diagnoses – of tendonitis, dystonia, carpal tunnel syndrome and more – are the same.

Because these two keyboards share so many common characteristics, the knowledge and technique that Edna employs to work with pianists are directly applicable to computer keyboard users.  Edna teaches the correct positions and micro-movements of the fingers, hand and forearm that cure injured keyboard users and prevent these problems from recurring.  In fact, since playing the piano requires far more speed, precision and force than typing, Edna’s experience is that computer keyboard injuries are easier and faster to cure than the piano keyboard injuries she has treated over the years.

Demand for Edna’s knowledge grew as people recognized her success with pianists, started asking her for help at the computer keyboard and saw that she had an extraordinarily high success rate in curing these problems as well.  Edna’s knowledge and expertise has universal application: not just to the computer and iphone keyboards, but in fact, to all hand-related activities.

Edna leads seminars and workshops in the United States and abroad on a regular basis.  Her work has been covered by numerous leading publications including the New York Times, LA Times, Star Ledger, and the Boston Globe. Testimonials from satisfied clients and medical professionals attest to the soundness and success of her approach.

About Edna Golandsky

Edna Golandsky is an established pedagogue of international renown who has been treating and curing Repetitive Stress injuries for over four decades.   Edna has earned wide acclaim throughout the United States and abroad for her extraordinary ability to solve technical problems and for her penetrating musical insight. She received both her Bachelor of Music and Master of Music degrees from the Juilliard School, and is currently an adjunct professor of piano at the City University of New York (CUNY).

Edna has a long-established and world-wide reputation for the expert diagnosis and treatment of problems such as fatigue, pain and serious injuries, including carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, focal dystonia, thoracic outlet syndrome, tennis and golfer’s elbow and ganglia. She has been a featured speaker at many music medicine conferences, and has been cited and interviewed in such papers as the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Boston Globe.

How Does It Work?

Healthy Typing initially asks the client to describe the nature of his or her problems and observes his or her typing technique, in order to accurately diagnose the root causes of tension, fatigue and pain. Generally, this can be traced to improper positions and movements. We then work with the client to show him or her the correct positions and movements that will eliminate the causes of the problems and thereby eliminate these symptoms.


Surgery, painkillers and injections such as Botox and cortisone injections can be avoided. Isolation gloves, wrist supports, wrist rests and braces and specially designed keyboards are not needed. Time away from work for long rests is a thing of the past.

Anyone suffering from fatigue and pain and discomfort due to repetitive strain injuries will benefit from the application of the Healthy Typing technique. Our specialists have cured children, teens, adults and the elderly from varying degrees of fatigue and pain. Patients with injuries so severe they can’t open a jar, use a kitchen knife, hold a glass of water or turn a doorknob experience relief with this unique method. In addition to improving the ability of computer users, we also help all users of hand-held devices who are experiencing pain to recover the full use of their hands and return to their previous levels of ease and mobility.