Introductory Lecture

Suitable for audiences of all sizes and offered either in person or via Zoom, this introductory lecture has three components:

  • Golandsky will first describe the primary causes of tension, pain and injury, as they occur at the piano, the computer keyboard and mouse, mobile phones and in virtually all hand-related activities. She will then explain the technique that she uses to cure these problems and to prevent their recurrence in the future.
  • Golandsky will then work with three to four individuals currently suffering from these symptoms in fifteen-minute sessions, to demonstrate the practical application of these techniques.
  • At the end of the lecture, time will be allotted for a question and answer section, for further clarification.

Cost: $1,000

Individual Sessions

These sessions are approximately 30 minutes in length, and are for individuals who are moderately to severely injured: they are currently experiencing discomfort or pain at the keyboard and/or are being treated for an already diagnosed RSI. Golandsky will analyze and diagnose the specific reasons for the problem, demonstrate how to correct it and monitor the client’s progress until he or she is either cured or well on the way to recovery. Depending on the level of the injury, this typically takes between three and six sessions.

Cost: $250 per session

Small Group Sessions

These sessions are two hours in length, geared to people who are healthy or suffer only minor discomfort when keyboarding. Its goal is to give individuals the tools to type easily and safely and to prevent discomfort, pain or injury from ever occurring. Golandsky will personally review and adjust each participant’s form and movements during the session. To give every participant time with Golandsky, these sessions are limited to a maximum of eight people. Participants must have attended the introductory lecture to be eligible for these sessions.

Cost: $1,000